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How To Upgrade Android 2.3.6 to Android 4.0.6


how to upgrade samsung galaxy y android 2.3.6 to android 4.0.6


Your Phone Must Be Formatted Before Doing This. Not External Memory.

This method Is Only For Samsung galaxy y and will not work on Samsung Galaxy Y DUOUS.



I am Not responsible for any damage to the headset during this process But I am 99.99% sure that this is going to work :)

Obviously You Will Need Some Files to do this, and for this you have to download some zip format file from the below link-

  1. 1. Aurora V2 – Aurorav2.zip
  2. 2. CS Aura V1 final –  CS Aura V1 final
  3. 3. Skin1980-GT-S5360 CWM – Skin1980-GT-S5360 CWM
  4. 4. update- update

So After Downloading You Are Now Fully Ready To Upgrade Your Android 2.3.6 to 4.0.6-

Step 1.

Connect your headset to the PC.

Step 2.

Select and copy all the files downloaded from the above link and paste them into your device folder name Android.

NOTE- Do Not Paste It Into .android_secure

 Step 3.

Than Eject Your Headset. Now its turn to do the main job with galaxy y.

Step 4.

You Will Need To Power Off Your Headset, After that Restart your Phone By Pressing 3 buttons altogether (Volume+ Button  +  Homekey Button + Switch On Button)


how to upgrade samsung galaxy y android 2.3.6 to android 4.0.6

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy y Android 2.3.6 to Android 4.0.6

In the Whole Process You Can Select by using volume + & – buttons And can Choose by Homekey Option.

Step 5.

After doing this Many Options will be displayed. Select the 3rd opt Wipe Date/Factory Reset.

Step 6.

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Select  Yes Delete All User Option.

Step 7.

Now Select Wipe Cache Partition Option.

Step 8.

Select the 2nd option apply update from SD card.

Step 9.

Choose Android/option.

Step 10.

Now 4 Options will be displayed-

  • Aurorav2
  • Skin1980-GT-S5360
  • ics aura v1 final CWM
  • update

Choose Skin1980-GT-S5360.

Step 11.

After this select install zip from sd card option.

Step 12.

Now, Select Choose zip from sd card.

Step 13.

Now Select Android/

Step 14.

Select Aurorav2.zip option.

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Step 15.

Now Select Yes- Install Aurora.


Step 16.

Now Select Choose zip from sd.


Select Android.

Step 18.

Select ics aura v1 final.zip


Select Yes-install ics aura.



how to upgrade samsung galaxy y android 2.3.6 to android 4.0.6

Step 20.

Select Option Reboot System Now.


Step 21.


Now After restarting touch the android icon

Skip the showed opt

Than select next

A new version  will be displayed to you..

This is android 2.3.6 Aurora v2- VANILLA

You Can View Details In Settings-About Phone

It IS Not Over Here..

You want Android 4.0.6

So follow next few more steps

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Step 22

Power Off Your Phone

AgainRestart it lyk previous method



(ics aura v1 final)

Step 23.

Slect Option Apply update from sd card

Step 24.

Go To Android/

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Step 25.

Select ics aura v1 final.zip

Wait FOR 3-4 Mins

Step 26.

Unlock The Screen

Step 27.

Go TO Settings-About Phone

Now My Friend Look At the Android Version Displaying On The Screen,,

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That’s It. :D :)

You Did It This Is Android 4.0.6



After Finishing Installation

Go to Settings-Locale & Text-Select Language And Now choose your language Default will be English

If You Find It Useful Plz Share And Comment… :)

Good Bye

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Hy, I am Deepak Bisht. Owner And Founder Of waytomyworld.com. I love to share knowledge regarding Android technology, Day to Day Happenings. so Stay Tuned :) :D Connect With Me On Google+ and Facebook

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    1. Deepu says:

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  4. TheTales says:

    IT was just amazing experience while upgrading my phone, thanx Deepak bisht

  5. rael says:

    oh yeah.. working.. installed under 10mins thanks

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      We Are Happy To Server You Sir. :)
      Thanx For your valuable comment

  6. xyk3ns says:

    do i have to Root my “SGY” First… ? to do this Method.. or not..?

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      You dont have to perform any additional method(rooting) for upgrading your phone,
      thanx for commenting :)

      1. xyk3ns says:

        But my Phone is already Root… ?

        1. Deepak Bisht says:

          No problem then, implement these steps, and u can easily upgrade your sgy

          1. xyk3ns says:

            ow thanks… i will try these steps…

            when i done this step.. can i proceed to upgrade my 800mhz to 1.2ghz..?

            or should i upgrade 1.2ghz first before doing this Steps.?

          2. Deepak Bisht says:

            No friend we can’ help you in that, really sry :/

  7. xyk3ns says:

    ow ic… But when i upgrade my Adroid to 4.0 Can i Play Games like Temple run or Subway surfer..?

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Yes Friend you can play games like subway surfs and temple run :)

      1. xyk3ns says:

        how about Candy Crush.. ? :(

  8. Arnab says:

    Hey deepak, can u plz tell me the order to select the zip files in CWM. Ur guidance was heplful but I’m confused.

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Thank You For Commenting Frnd.. :)
      Order is simple
      3. ics aura v1 final.zip
      4.ics aura v1 final.zip(again)
      Hope Now this will help you :)

  9. Bhakti says:

    Will the phone slow down after up-gradation? I mean is ICS completely compatible with galaxy y….What if the phone doesn’t work properly and slows down…and hangs up…????

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Its very less chance that your phone will lag, but don’t worry these problems will not happen regularly. If any problem occurs you can also downgrade it to original 2.3.6 :)
      Thank YOu for commenting :)

  10. kuma says:

    real 4.0.2 or builprop edit?

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      thank u frcommenting..

  11. Rajesh Chowdary says:

    My phone is updated successfully with the procedure mentioned above.Thank you.

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      i am happy that myinfo came in use. thank u for commenting :)

  12. Deepak Bisht says:

    Apne gY duous to nhi upgrade kia?

  13. Utpal Bhowal says:

    maine pura kam kar liya but jo 4.0.6 ka vision hai bo thik nahi lag ra.

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Oohh.. To bhae wapas android 2.3.6 dal lo

      1. vikram says:

        can i use this method for my xperia x8?

        1. Deepak Bisht says:

          NO friend, this will only work on samsung galaxy y .

  14. Joka says:

    Hi, i’m already on Aurora 4.0.3 and i just want to update to 4.0.6, should i just reinstall using your auraV1final.zip or just use the update.zip ?

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Just follow all steps described above and you will be updated to android 4.0.6 :)
      thanks for commenting :0

  15. Vipul says:

    Deepk Sir,

    I have Samsung Galaxy Young GT S5360……
    Are you sure that this update will be compatible with my phone ?
    Will my phone be able to support Android 4.0.6 ?

    Thank You

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Yes sir it is totally compatible with your sgy..
      thank u fr commenting sir

  16. Neel says:

    hii.. thank you so much.. my phone works awesome :) thanks a lot

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      My Pleasure Sir,
      Thank You Fr commenting
      :) :D

      1. Neel says:

        hello.. thanks for reply.. can you please provide me further procedure to install 4.2.2 jelly bean.. It would be really helpful.. FYI: my phone’s android version is now 4.0.2 (as per above process) please suggest steps to convert it in to 4.2.2 jelly bean accordingly.. thanks in advance.. :)

        1. Deepak Bisht says:

          Sry sir, such version is not yet available for samsung galaxy y… :/
          thank u fr commenting :) :D

  17. jatinkumar says:

    hello sir thanks for giving this wonderful information to us.
    now i am trying to download above file but some error occur when i download first two file…..
    which is 1. Aurora V2 and 2. CS Aura V1 final.

    so if possible then please send me this file on my mail address on rathodjatin97@yahoo.com
    or you give other path to download this file….
    i also want to upgrade my galaxy gts 5360
    again thank you so much….

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Links are working fine sir, please recheck! thanks for adding value to website! :D :)

  18. NJr says:

    thank bro..it working 100%

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Welcome Brother :D

  19. dharmendra says:

    bro maine evolution rom install kiya hay isme tts nahi hay aur to many hang problems and bro 60mb internal khali rehne k bad v mobile slow ho jata hay isme yeh sab problem aur any bug toh nahi hay na bro please reply me as soon as possible …. my phone model is s5360 and bro please say your fb id and thanks

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Re-installing is a good solution. Or else, downgrade back to your samsung galaxy y 2.3.6. by this lonk http://waytomyworld.com/how-to-get-back-samsung-galaxy-y-s5360-original-firmware-install/
      :D :) Thanks for commenting!

  20. beni says:

    Maaf mas mau nanya . Hpnya harus di root dlu apa enggak ya thanks

  21. arun says:

    hi deepak, is the step 22 to 25 is confused me, please clarify

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      Please clarify your above statement! I am unable to get it. :)

  22. sam says:

    my mobile is not openining. while switching on it show samsung logo and automatically show andriod system recovery. plse give me some solution.

    1. Deepak Bisht says:

      you may just re-follow the above steps.
      Hope this may help. If so let me know. Thanks for stopping by. :)

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