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IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern

IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern-

IIT(Indian Institue OF Technology) which is controlled by central government of india, the most favourable and difficult paper followed by Cbse pattern which every student want’s to crack out for getting top level  government colleges & for getting beter placements.

IIT JEE Mains 2014 is going to be held on 1st or 2nd week of April.


IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern


IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern

IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern

IIT is going to conduct the test in the month of april all over india. And for getting selected and scoring maximum marks in IIT JEE Mains, students have started searching for IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern

So Today I am here with IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern.


For all three sections here is the


 IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014.



  1. Electricity and Magnetism.
  2. Systems and Particles.
  3. Optics.
  4. Mechanics.
  5. Modern Physics.
  6. Photoelectric Effect.
  7. Thermal Physics.
  8. Modern Physics.
  9. Electricity and magnetism.



  1. Atomic Structure and chemical Bonding.
  2. Physical Chemistry.
  3. Chemical Kinetics.
  4. Electrochemistry.
  5. Chemical Equilibrium.
  6. Gaseous and liquid states.
  7. Energetics.
  8. Nuclear Chemistry.
  9. General topics.
  10. Solutions.
  11. Solid States.
  12. Surface Chemistry.
  13. Organic Chemistry.
  14. Inorganic Chemistry.
  15. Preparation and properties of compounds.
  16. phenol.
  17. Transition Elements.
  18. Extractive Metallurgy.
  19. polymers.
  20. Benzene Reactions.
  21. Alkenes & Alkynes reactions and properties
  22. Amino acids and Peptides.

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  1. Algebra.
  2. differential Calculus.
  3. Logarithm and their properties.
  4. Arithmetic.
  5. Analytic geometric( two and three dimensions).
  6. Trigonometry.
  7. Vectors.
  8. Integral Calculus.



  1. Three Dimensional perception.
  2. Imagination and aesthetics Sensitivity.
  3. Free hand Drawing.
  4. Geometric Drawing.
  5. Architecture Awareness and knowledge.


Now its time to look at IIT Jee Mains Exam Pattern 2014.

IIT JEE Mains Exam Pattern 2014

  • Students will be provided with 2 question papers each.
  • Time Duration for this question papers will be 3 hours.
  • There will be three section in question papers which are physics , mathematics and Chemistry.
  • The whole question paper will be of objective type.
  • Negative marking will be there for wrong answer given by students.
  • Answer sheet will be provided to students where you should darken the circle our right option carefully.

That’s It hope you liked our content on IIT Jee Mains Syllabus 2014 and Exam Pattern. Feel free to ask any question and  querries regarding to it..

Stay Blessed Friends & All the Best.

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